What are People Saying About Willow's Cabin?

All testimonials and feedback are shared on with express permission from each individual. If you have worked with us and would like to share your experience publicly on this page, please contact Willow's Cabin.  Only your first name, last initial and country will be listed for privacy (view our privacy policy).  Thank you for sharing your experience!

I have had had a few sessions and it helps keep me focused. Thank you.  Renee M., USA.

I have requested distant healing many times. I must say thank you for sending healing. I am a Reiki Practitioner also and she helped me understand more. Thanks a lot for all her information. She freed me from something that no one else had been able to help. She is such a darling whenever I need her, she is there to help. I love her! .  Ainee N., Pakistan.

The evening I received distance Reiki, I slept so well!   She accurately told me my main blockage areas. At the same time she sent Reiki I was meditating, and felt an extra strong energy fill the room for about the same time she sent it. I feel energy as colors a lot. It felt like a soothing rose quartz and the room had the scent of carnations! Thank you so very much for your love, energy and healing gift!  Kimberly J., USA.

After my distant Reiki treatment, I felt EUPHORIC, and happy for no reason. I was able to work out longer in the gym and felt like working out was lifting my spirit like music.  Ara T., Saudi Arabia.

She is a gifted healer and intuitive.  Janna B., USA.

I have had several distant Reiki sessions! I noticed the nights after she sent Reiki that I didn't wake up as much as I usually do which was nice. I needed to get more sleep as I only get 2-4 hours per night. I also had some emotional changes where I felt a 'weight' lifted off of me which occurred around the time she was sending Reiki. I also noticed that my energy was up a little! I appreciate you taking the time to send me Reiki, and thank you again!  Donna B., USA.
I had strained my back so I contacted Willow and asked for distance Reiki. The energy felt cool and soothing. I also had a headache and by the end of the session, my headache was gone! Eli P., USA.

I am thankful for what she did for me.  Bob H., USA.

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