Sharing Ancient & New Age Spirituality with Purpose.

We provide Complementary Therapies including:
  • Multiple Non-Traditional Methods of Reiki
  • Energy Work and Crystals
  • Signature Blends™ Aromatherapy
  • Energy Art for Your Sacred Space
  • Intuitive Services
We specialize in local no-touch and distance sessions with appointment schedules available from 30 to 90 minutes customized to suit your needs. We have many Biofield Therapy courses available via in-person and distance learning. Our goal is to promote spiritual well-being by encouraging others to actively pursue inner peace and creative self-expression. Our ordained mission is to provide support and empower others on their path to self-healing.

Professional Affiliations

We promote spirituality through energywork.  We specialize in no-touch and distant energy healing sessions via multiple energy healing modalities including:  Traditional Usui Reiki and non-traditional Reiki, energywork and crystals.  We also create Energy Art for your sacred space.

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