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Create Your Own World

Love brings the sea into boiling and turns the mountains into a pebble.  Love creates infinite openings into the dark sky and shudders the earth with its magnitude.  Rumi.

What does it mean to create your own world?

Creating your own world is a state of mind.  It takes practice to keep yourself in a positive state of mind.  A good place to start is correcting yourself when you engage in negative self-talk.  What is negative self-talk?  Statements like "I can't" or "I am (fill in whatever negative words)".  When we say we can't be or do something, it's true.  We are devaluing our own worth when we say we "can't".  Try and see!  If there is something you want to do, go for it!  There is so much more positivity in trying with the forethought that we will succeed.

The world gives back to you whatever you put into it.  If you send out hate, you will be greeted with hatred.  If you send out love,  love will return.  But your intention must be pure.  You cannot send out love with the sole purpose or expectation of being loved.  

So what happens when we give love and we don't feel it in return?  The answer is simple.  Love yourself first.  Love yourself and let go of the notion that you need approval from the world.  When you do this, you will discover a peace and loving place like you've never known before.  

Notice the world, and love living in it.  There is love in the sky and in the trees.  There is love from Creator surrounding you.  Breathe it in, my friends.

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