BOOK: Woofie Makes New Friends

The Adventures of Willow and Woofie: Woofie Makes New Friends.

The Adventures of Willow and Woofie:  Woofie Makes New Friends (1st in Series)
$10 USD

Teach your children the importance of taking a stand against bullying, about forgiveness and friendship.  Your children will immediately understand what it means to be strong, understanding and forgiving.

Join the journey of Willow and her tiny friend, Woofie.  Woofie is a tiny pooch who has made wilderness friends after having an unfriendly encounter with two tigers.  Woofie learns a lesson in bullying and makes new friends in the process.

A must-have book to teach children about bullying, forgiveness and friendship.  Playful and imaginative with beautiful classic illustrations, this book of playful poetry will teach children important lessons about forming friendships.

ISBN:   9780464938958 (August 14, 2018)
Format:  ebook (PDF), 8" x 8" 26 full-color pages

Also available in iTunes and on Amazon (Kindle Edition).

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