Rustic Maple Weed Vase - Handmade

Rustic Maple Weed Vase (Handmade) with flowers
$45 USD

Each hand-turned rustic Maple Weed Vase has it's own unique character.  When crafting weed vases (sometimes called twig pots), our woodworker allows the texture and grain of the salvaged* wood to determine the shape and size of each vase.

The Weed Vase will add a rustic touch to any shelf, table or windowsill.  Perfect for dried flowers and small seasonal silk arrangements to add a splash of color to any room.

With a natural wood finish, some vases have bark remaining.  Each vase is signed and dated by the artist.

  • 1 Maple Weed Vase  (approx. 2-4" h x 2" dia.)
  • Seasonal and/or silk flowers
  • Dried wheat
Maple is a symbol of balanced strength and sweetness.   Sap only runs from her around Spring Equinox, and her leaves begin to brighten around the Autumn Equinox.  Two major events in the life of this tree occur around the balance of day and night.  She is delicate and strong, living up to 200 years in ideal conditions, yet susceptible to the dis-ease of her surroundings.

*  Salvaged wood is wood found in its natural state from a tree that has already fallen or died.  We do not cut trees to produce our wooden products.

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