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Healer’s Grid of Protection

Crystal Grids are a meditative practice of focused intention for working with the energetic properties of crystals.  By arranging intuitively chosen crystals in a purposeful design, the vibrational properties work together to amplify the intention of the crystal practitioner.

Our Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner was guided to create this grid for the Autumn Equinox.  The intention is for focused spiritual protection and energetic balance during healing practice.  The outer protective ring of Black Tourmaline connects the four larger stones placed at the four directions.  The inner selenite wands are carefully balanced, and each chakra stone is placed for a connected energy flow.  The inner ring of clear quartz represents the protected energy field of the healer.

All too often, EnergyWorkers (such as Reiki Practitioners) fail to take the time to maintain personal energy.  The desire to help clients achieve optimal energetic healing can lead the EnergyWorker to “add” their own intentions rather than focusing on the highest good of the client.  This can lead to karmic imbalance, and even “taking on” the negative energies of their client.

Our grids are used in our healing room, and during distance healing sessions.  We use these grids during our global healing meditations and during daily practice.  With the full moon energies, our intention is further amplified.

If you would like to be added to our daily meditation, please send us a message and we will include you during this lunar cycle.  

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