Intuitive Medicine Wheel Mapping

Intuitive Medicine Wheel Mapping
$99 USD


Discover what direction you are facing along your spiritual path, what helpers (guides or animal spirits) you have presently to guide you, and where you are headed next along the medicine wheel map of life. We will journey on your behalf to determine what spiritual guidance is needed.

A unique spin on card readings and energetically guided, you will receive an intuitive reading based upon what multiple card decks have to say in relation to guiding directions, spirit animals and other spiritual influences.

You will receive:
  • A unique reading based upon where you are at the present moment,
  • A link to your personal reading portion of the journey on YouTube, and
  • A Medicine Wheel Map e-mailed in PDF format, along with a written transcript of the journey.
Although are readings are shared on YouTube, there are no identifying personal aspects. We will not share questions, and we will not share any identifying personal information.  We have found the video readings to be a fun and unique way for you to view and even share your readings with those closest to you!

We will address the following concepts, where you are on your path in relation to them and what that means for you:
  • Four Elements:  Air, Fire, Water and Earth
  • Four Directions:  East, South, West and North
  • The fifth element of Soul and the Center (Heart)
  • As above, so below or Mother Earth and Father Sky (Spirit/Creation)
  • Animal Spirit or totem animals that may help you on your journey
Please note:  This reading involves an in-depth journeying process, therefore your link and transcript will be sent via e-mail within 3-5 days of purchase, depending upon volume.

Intuitive Services are for entertainment purposes only.  Please read our terms of service.

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