ART: Learn to Fly #003 - Limited Edition Prints

Echinacea is one of my favorite herbal remedies.  The root is well-known for its germ-fighting ability among herbalists.  Echinacea can be found in holistic shops worldwide.  

I've grown echinacea for nearly a decade now.  Bees and butterflies love it!  If you have a garden, it is a perfect companion plant, as it attracts pollinators.  The blooms are quite showy, and have fantastic staying power.  Whereas other plants bloom for just a day, these flowers slowly show their petals, and stay for weeks at a time as the infamous cone develops (hence the name, coneflower).

Echinacea is a symbol of healing and endurance.

Learn to Fly # 003 Limited Edition Print 24" x 36"
$199 USD

Artwork:  "Learn to Fly #003" © 2016
Collection:  Monochrome
Medium:  Digital Photography Giclée Ink Print on Archival Quality Photographic Paper
Size:  24" x 36"

Description:  Black and white photography, white moth and bee sharing space on echinacea purple coneflower.  The "Learn to Fly" monochrome series shows the delicacy in the process of winged transformation.

** Limited Edition Art Print ships in a tube within the USA only, with certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist and numbered x/200.

Our international customers may order prints through our print-on-demand services available through Pixels.  Please visit our gallery to order prints.

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