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Iolite in Crystal Healing for Inner Clarity

Crystals have long been used as energetic and spiritual healing tools.  Iolite is one such tool.

Iolite was historically thought to be used as a polarizing lens to aid in looking at the sun by mariners traveling across the ocean.  Iolite brings clarity through discernment and aids in spiritual journeys.

Reminiscent of twilight, Iolite awakens us to our surroundings.  As a polarizing crystal, it divides the wavelengths of Light into varying colors and awakens inner vision.

Through awakening and bringing Light to the inner self, Iolite can magnify the inner voice and being it to the surface, allowing for true self-expression.

Iolite is a useful spiritual tool for:
  • Journeying
  • Discernment
  • Clarity
  • Awakening
  • Speaking Your Inner Voice
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Metaphysical Qualities of Iolite

Chakra:  Brow/Third Eye (6th)
Properties:  shamanic journey for healing old wounds, enhanced inner vision
Element:  Air
Direction:  East


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