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The Spirit of the Butterfly

When I see a butterfly, I cannot help but think of the incredible metamorphosis they underwent to achieve the ability to fly.  It's like the process of learning to walk.

When we are born, we lack the ability to move through life.  We are totally dependent upon our parents to provide for the things we tend to take for granted as adults:  food, clothing and shelter.  Yet we grow and as adults and, God be thanked, we are able to provide for ourselves.

The butterfly is a symbol of transformation.  She begins life as a tiny caterpillar and, through the process of metamorphosis, she emerges from her cocoon with wings.  Yet, as she flies from flower to flower, I wonder if she remembers what it was like to crawl upon the ground.

Through a miraculous transformation, the butterfly dances from flower to flower, enjoying the nectar of life.  She knows well the variety of sweetness that blooms upon the earth.

How do you dance?

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