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An Exercise in Sensing Your Aura

Sensing subtle energies, feeling or even seeing your aura is not as difficult as you might think.  We are sharing a simple exercise in sensing your aura that you may want to practice from time to time to awaken your innate intuitive gifts.

Hold your hands up in prayer position, approximately six inches in front of you, with the tips of your fingers at eye level.  Focus on the warmth of your palms.  Keeping your hands in the same position, slowly ease your hands apart until you feel the coolness of the air between them.  Now move your hands back toward the prayer position until you feel a warmth or tingling sensation.  If necessary, close your eyes and focus on what you feel between your palms.  What you are feeling is your auric field.

Open your eyes, and hold your focus on the empty space between your palms.  Gaze just above your fingertips until your eyes focus on the view just above your hands.  Do you see any colors?  You may literally see colors . . . or you might "sense&quo…

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Swan Dancing

Digital photomanipulation has been a favorite art form for me for a few years now.  I simply take a digital photograph and, through a process of "pixel-bending", the image is transformed into abstract art that can can contemplated.  

"Swan Dancing", created in 2018, was originally a white lily.  Through many twists and turns, it came to remind me of a swan dancing upon a pond in Summer.

The swan is a truly graceful creature, almost poetic in nature.  The swan can be found in mythology, folklore and fairytales.  According to Greek legend, the swan sings the most beautiful of her songs just prior to death, and the "swan song" has become the reflection of many poets.  The spirit of the swan reminds us to look at our true inner beauty.


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