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An Exercise in Sensing Your Aura

Sensing subtle energies, feeling or even seeing your aura is not as difficult as you might think.  We are sharing a simple exercise in sensing your aura that you may want to practice from time to time to awaken your innate intuitive gifts.

Hold your hands up in prayer position, approximately six inches in front of you, with the tips of your fingers at eye level.  Focus on the warmth of your palms.  Keeping your hands in the same position, slowly ease your hands apart until you feel the coolness of the air between them.  Now move your hands back toward the prayer position until you feel a warmth or tingling sensation.  If necessary, close your eyes and focus on what you feel between your palms.  What you are feeling is your auric field.

Open your eyes, and hold your focus on the empty space between your palms.  Gaze just above your fingertips until your eyes focus on the view just above your hands.  Do you see any colors?  You may literally see colors . . . or you might "sense&quo…

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Reiki Lineage

In the world of Reiki, a great deal of emphasis is placed on Reiki "Lineage".

The lineage of a Reiki Professional is basically their "spiritual" family tree, as Reiki is a tradition passed down from Master/Teacher to student. Before sharing the Reiki "family tree", here's a little information to explain the terminology:

Spiritual Lineage is the "Family Tree" of the passing of Reiki from Master/Teacher to Student.  An Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Practitioner should be able to trace their Reiki "Family Tree" back to Dr. Mikao Usui, Founder of Reiki.

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki is simply the Japanese term given to the holistic healing modality, and is interpreted as, "Usui method of spiritual life-force energy healing therapy".

Master/Teacher is one who has completed courses in and has been attuned to Reiki Level I (or "Shoden"), Reiki Level II (or "Okuden") and the final level of Reiki, "Mastery" (or "Shinpiden"). Once mastery is achieved, the Practitioner is then able to teach and give attunements to new students of Reiki.  Some lineages add an additional level, Reiki IV (or "Shihan"), designated as Master/Teacher and Reiki III is considered Master Practitioner.

An "attunement" (or "reiju") is a sacred process, initiation, and/or meditation with a specific purpose and intent performed by a Reiki Master/Teacher.  The Reiki attunement process is how one becomes a Reiki Healer.  Being attuned to Reiki gives one the ability to easily access the Reiki energy ("ki" or "chi") for the purpose of healing a person or situation. Only a Reiki Master can give Reiki attunements.

Reiki I is an introduction to the history of Reiki, an explanation of Reiki Precepts or Principles, the learning of hand placements, a look at ethics, and an "attunement" to Reiki I.  After a Reiki I attunement, a Practitioner is able to give Reiki Therapy to self and others.

Reiki II focuses on sending Reiki energy from a distance (in a form of meditation) into past, present or future circumstances which have caused a disruption in the flow of life-force energy within an individual.  The Reiki student learns how to focus the flow of Reiki energy to an individual, whether present or not, at any distance, to target healing on an emotional level, as well as a physical level.

Reiki III or Reiki Master/Teacher focuses on the process of teaching and attuning others to the practice of Reiki.  A good Master/Teacher (like mine) will also instruct students on how to set up and run a Reiki Practice.

Reiki IV is a variation of the Usui Reiki Tradition of which Reiki Master and Reiki Master Teacher are divided into two levels.


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