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An Exercise in Sensing Your Aura

Sensing subtle energies, feeling or even seeing your aura is not as difficult as you might think.  We are sharing a simple exercise in sensing your aura that you may want to practice from time to time to awaken your innate intuitive gifts.

Hold your hands up in prayer position, approximately six inches in front of you, with the tips of your fingers at eye level.  Focus on the warmth of your palms.  Keeping your hands in the same position, slowly ease your hands apart until you feel the coolness of the air between them.  Now move your hands back toward the prayer position until you feel a warmth or tingling sensation.  If necessary, close your eyes and focus on what you feel between your palms.  What you are feeling is your auric field.

Open your eyes, and hold your focus on the empty space between your palms.  Gaze just above your fingertips until your eyes focus on the view just above your hands.  Do you see any colors?  You may literally see colors . . . or you might "sense&quo…

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Understanding Auric Energy

An Explanation of the Aura and Chakras

Have you ever walked into a room, or been introduced to someone and just felt a "bad vibe"? Have you ever been around someone who is negative and still felt their negative influence after you have left their presence? What you are feeling is the negativity from the individual's aura by your aura. Sometimes we can hold this negative energy in our own energetic field.

Do you feel positive when walking outdoors, or when surrounded by positive people in a positive environment? What you are feeling is the positive energy of Creation or the positive influence of your environment and the effect it has on your auric field.

Awareness of our energy field/aura came about long before the New Age. They have been an integral part of yoga philosophy in India for millennia. People have long understood that our energy field (aura) is a reflection of the health of energy centers called "chakras". The word "chakra" (pronounced chock-ruh) comes from the Indian language Sanskrit, meaning “wheel.”

To those gifted with psychic vision, chakras take on the appearance of cone-shaped spinning wheels of colored light. They appear as different colors of the rainbow, and correspond to various glands of our endocrine system. These wheels pass through the body along the spinal column.

It is interesting to note that when the practice of Reiki traveled to the Western world, hand positions were added for a more structured practice. These hand positions correspond with the location of chakras along the spinal column. And, although not included as part Dr. Mikao Usui's original Reiki teaching, an understanding of chakras and the energy field of the body is beneficial in understanding how Reiki works.

Chakras absorb and give off energy within our environment. When someone is exposed to a negative environment, or stressful or traumatic situations, these chakras can become "damaged". Damaged chakras result in a decreased flow of life-force energy into the body. A damaged chakra will first affect the energy field/aura, and ultimately result in a decrease in the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being of an individual.

Reiki treatments, crystal healing, meditation, and other forms of spiritual healing can repair blocked or damaged chakras, and increase the flow of life-force energy into the energy field/aura. This is achieved by promoting energetic balance, which in turn can promote the body's natural ability to heal itself. Energy Healing modalities have the potential to improve the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being of an individual.


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