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Remember the Lotus

Whenever you should doubt your self-worth, remember the lotus flower.  Even though it plunges to life from beneath the mud, it does not allow the dirt that surrounds it to affect its growth or beauty.  Suzy Kassem. The lotus flower is considered a sacred symbol.  The Lotus symbolizes purity, beauty, majesty, grace, fertility, knowledge and serenity.  The lotus will fluorish in murky waters, pushing through mud and mire.  The petals break through and reach toward the sun, while the leaves stay afloat as they shine in the light.

Symbolically, lotus petals can be found in the chakra symbols.  Each chakra has a specific number of petals, representing ascending vibrational frequencies.  The state of enlightenment is represented by the thousand-petal lotus.

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Reiki Blessings

In Honor of the Gift of Spirit

I participated in a local Reiki Clinic on Friday. We offered twenty-minute Reiki sessions free to Veterans, and for a nominal fee to the general public. All of the Reiki Practitioners who were present donated their time, and the proceeds went to help our local Animal Shelter.

I had the honor of working on a woman who had a very sweet and bubbly personality. I’ll just call her “Candy” for anonymity’s sake. She booked a double session, and explained how she had been struggling with health issues associated with her cardiovascular system. She said she felt like her current medical treatments were not working to her satisfaction, and she was seeking out a complementary treatment to her current medical care.

We began the Reiki session by silently asking for a blessing of healing, and then proceeded through the traditional hand positions. When I got to her heart, I could feel the dense energy there and spent quite some time working on the area above and below her heart. I could feel the intensity of life-force energy flowing through my hands as she soaked it all in.

What amazes me about Reiki is at some point during each treatment a gentle “shift” in the flow of energy takes place when it is time to move on to the next hand position. My hands were burning-hot, and when it was time to move on, I felt a balance as my hands turned cool.

Many people are unfamiliar with the concept of “chakras”. “Chakra” is Sanskrit for “wheel”, or “vortex”. Along the center of our bodies, at each glandular center, along our head and spinal column are seven of these “chakras” or energy centers.

Although “chakra” was not part of Reiki Founder Dr. Mikao Usui’s original teaching, the teachings have evolved to include an understanding of these centers. The traditional hand positions focus on the location of these seven centers.

The concept behind the “chakra” is that if there is a disruption in the flow of life-force energy due to emotional, spiritual, mental or physical trauma the chakras will be affected. Because these chakras regulate the flow of energy within our physical bodies, if one of these chakras becomes “sick” by decreased or blocked energy flow, the resulting long-term effect is the manifestation of physical illness in our bodies.

The human energy field can now be detected and even photographed with specialized equipment. Also a pendulum can be used to evaluate the condition of the chakras. If one holds a pendulum over a healthy and open chakra, the pendulum will pick up the flow of energy and begin to spin in a clockwise direction. While “Candy” was relaxing on the massage table during her Reiki session, my Reiki Master/Teacher came over with a pendulum to check the condition of the heart chakra.

There was barely any movement from the pendulum at first. My Reiki Master/Teacher signaled me to focus life-force energy on her heart chakra and within a few minutes the pendulum began to swing full-force above her heart. I was amazed!  I had used a pendulum personally, but not on another individual during a Reiki Session.

The most amazing part of the story came two days later. I had returned to the Spiritual Center on Sunday to assist and participate in one of the classes being taught there. At the end of class, I got the honor of meeting “Candy’s” daughter. She introduced herself to me and told me that “Candy” had noticed an immediate change in her condition.

With tears in her eyes, her daughter reached out and hugged me and thanked me for Reiki. It was such a beautiful and touching experience. Reiki never ceases to amaze me! I will always be grateful for the gift of Spirit that has been introduced into my life! Reiki is not something I do, it is what Spirit does . . . I just get to be a part of it!


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