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Remember the Lotus

Whenever you should doubt your self-worth, remember the lotus flower.  Even though it plunges to life from beneath the mud, it does not allow the dirt that surrounds it to affect its growth or beauty.  Suzy Kassem. The lotus flower is considered a sacred symbol.  The Lotus symbolizes purity, beauty, majesty, grace, fertility, knowledge and serenity.  The lotus will fluorish in murky waters, pushing through mud and mire.  The petals break through and reach toward the sun, while the leaves stay afloat as they shine in the light.

Symbolically, lotus petals can be found in the chakra symbols.  Each chakra has a specific number of petals, representing ascending vibrational frequencies.  The state of enlightenment is represented by the thousand-petal lotus.

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Reiki & Emotional Healing

Can Reiki Be Used to Treat Emotional Scars? 

Reiki treatments can be used to treat emotional scars, especially after repeat treatments. Reiki is currently being used in the medical field as a complementary treatment for anxiety, depression, and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.

When someone has been through traumas such as physical, emotional, sexual, spiritual abuse or neglect, negative emotions build up in the energy field of the human body, "spirit" or "soul". The energetic field is sometimes referred to as the bio-magnetic field, or simply a person's "aura". These negative emotions cause a distortion or disruption in the flow of life-force energy. When the energetic flow is distorted or disrupted, the long-term result is physical or mental illness.  Reiki treatments serve to correct the flow of energy.

Some ways that Reiki can bring healing to emotional scars include:

  • promoting relaxation
  • relieving stress
  • easing depression
  • improvement of sleep disturbances associated with emotional trauma
  • releasing of negative emotional energy from the biomagnetic/energetic/auric field by increasing or correcting the energetic flow of the chakras/energetic meridians
  • aiding in treatment of physical pain, which is commonly associated with emotional scars
  • dealing with alcoholism and other substance abuse problems
  • helping work through memories of childhood abuse by bringing the to the surface so that they may be effectively worked through and released
  • treating other issues that have an effect on emotional well-being
As a result of emotional scars, the chakras (or "energetic meridians") can become distorted or cease to function altogether. They become "blocked". In essence, we tend to "hold in" our emotions and these negative emotions affect the flow of life-force energy. When the flow of life-force energy becomes "blocked", physical and mental illness is the result. It is my personal experience that Reiki treatments bring to the surface the underlying issues of physical ailments associated with emotional scars. By releasing these emotional issues, emotional and even physical healing can begin.

Reiki can be a very powerful holistic healing modality to assist with physical and emotional healing, and people do at times experience immediate relief. However if you have long-standing problems, Reiki facilitates a process that heals over time. In dealing with a chronic issue like substance abuse or the after-effects of childhood abuse, many treatments over time may be necessary. Two or three treatments a week can be ideal for some people; for others, that may be too intense, and once a week may be best. There is no guide for how long one needs Reiki treatments; some people get treatments for weeks at a time. After receiving a few Reiki treatments, you may even find that becoming attuned to Reiki can be the best way to treat long-standing emotional issues. Discuss the possibility with your physician or therapist before proceeding. A Reiki treatment for emotional healing is not a psychotherapy or counseling session and does not replace conventional mental health diagnosis or treatment.

One issue worth noting when using Reiki to treat emotional scars is the possibility of re-surfacing of the issue that caused the emotional scars. Often when someone receives a Reiki treatment, or becomes attuned to Reiki, emotional issues which have previously blocked the flow of energy through the body will re-surface in the form of memories and strong emotions. This re-surfacing is only temporary and very important because when the issue is released then healing can begin.

Some suggestions for how to deal with re-surfacing of emotional issues:

  • bring a trusted friend with you to a Reiki treatment, or have a close friend nearby when expecting a distance Reiki treatment
  • inform your Counselor or Therapist beforehand that you plan to have Reiki treatments to help release emotional issues, and set an appointment with them following any type of Reiki treatment you receive
  • If you have a substance abuse problem or a serious, diagnosed illness such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, it is essential that you have professional support; discuss with your Counselor or Therapist whether Reiki is a good option to be combined with your regular therapy, and whether he or she is willing to monitor the process
  • Prayer always helps! Pray for yourself, and ask others to pray for you
Reiki is intended as a complementary healing modality used in conjunction with a medical, spiritual and/or psychological treatment plans. Medical Physicians and Therapists can address imbalances and physical issues which have resulted from abuse or neglect. Your minister or other counselor can address spiritual issues that may arise from any form of abuse or trauma, particularly spiritual abuse.

For Additional Resources on Reiki and Emotional Healing, please visit:
"Reiki Reduces Anxiety, Depression" by Massage Mag

For Immediate Help with Depression and Emotional Scars, There are Resources Available Online:
Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800) 273-TALK (8255)


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