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Feeling Small Next to the Grand Tetons

When the sun is shining I can do anything; no mountain is too high, no trouble too difficult to overcome.  Wilma Rudolph.

We caught only a glimpse of the Grand Tetons on day four of our trip.  The following day, as we set out toward Yellowstone, we wandered through the Grand Teton National Park.  Words cannot express the well of emotion I felt as we gazed upon the rocky snow-capped mountain peaks, the highest of which reaches almost 14,000 feet.  Talk about feeling small next to such majestic beauty!
"Oh my gosh!  Breathtaking!"
By day five of the trip I had already seen so many new things!   Like an excited little one, I would point and say, "Look!"  But, as we stood in the valley below the beauty of the Tetons, the only phrase I could utter over and over again was  . . .
"WOW!  Oh my gosh!  WOW!  Beautiful . . ."
My husband carefully planned this trip so that I could see as many things as he could possibly fit into our three-week journey.  I had never been out west, and truly I suppose I really hadn't seen much of anything until our trip.   Our vacation was absolutely packed with amazing sights, and I will never forget the honeymoon of a lifetime!  Custom made, just for me . . .

As I breathed in the aroma of sagebrush, gazing up in wander at the mountain peaks before me, I felt so small.  Not in spirit, though.  I thought about how far we'd traveled to witness such beauty, and how far I had come in my own healing journey.  I felt so blessed just to be able to stand there looking up at God's glorious creation, and to look upon the man who loves me and know that God had sent me the one who would love me so much that he would want to show me the world!

I am thankful for the beauty of this country in which I live, for the love I share with my husband, and for my amazing life!  Any challenge I might face in the future is insignificant compared to the joy that fills me up!
And in my soul, I hear a sweet voice whisper, "God did this!"
A few notes about the video:

I realize that seven minutes might be a little long for a blog video, but I really, REALLY just wanted to share the true beauty of this place!

The video has some "live" footage.  I am a far cry from being a professional videographer, so please overlook the abrupt zoom in's and out's.  Some of the video was taken from the back of the Harley, so those segments are really shaky.  Through my experience I have learned that head-on video from the back of a motorcycle is much better than trying to film whatever flies beside me . . . Ha Ha!

That gorgeous man in the photos is my husband, James . . . the love of my life.  I'm in there too, somewhere!

For more information about Grand Teton National Park, visit .

Breathe in the Mountains!

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