Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Animal Spirit

Commonly called a “Power Animal” or “Animal Totem”, Animal Spirits are guides that appear at different times in your spiritual walk and usually have a message or a lesson for you to learn.

Ways to recognize when an Animal Spirit Guide has a message or gift for you is to pay attention to your dreams and your surroundings and take note.  When a particular animal grabs your attention repeatedly, perhaps your Animal Spirit Guide is trying to communicate.

Often a Power/Totem Animal Spirit Guide will appear frequently in a short period of time in one or more of the following:
  • dreams or visions
  • actual physical appearances
  • figurines
  • billboards, television or other media
  • sounds or conversations with others
  • a sudden attraction to or favoritism toward the animal
The main reason why a Totem or Animal Spirit Guide would come into your life is to guide you through a spiritual lesson. Your Animal Spirit Guide is there to provide you with a gift, to support you through your lesson or to provide protection.  An Animal Spirit provides spiritual “medicine” to help you accomplish a task in your life, whether that task is a physical one or a spiritual one.

Celestial Spirit - Soul Shaman © 2016
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The celestial healing spirit of the soul shaman reaches through timeless space.  An abstract mixed media combination of watercolor and new media illustrates the intuitive perception of a masked universal traveler.
The purpose of your Totem is empowerment and healing.  Your Guide may hang around only for a short while until you learn your lesson or heal, or may be with you throughout your lifetime.  By acknowledging the presence of your Guide, you are showing respect and an acceptance of the lesson your new teacher has to offer.  You honor your Guide by allowing yourself to “take on” the attributes of your Animal Spirit Helper so that you can work through your lesson.

Although there are a lot of excellent books available on the subject of Power/Totem Animal Spirit Guides, the best way to get to know your new Animal Spirit Guide is by researching the natural habits and habitat of the actual animal.  Find a good source on the natural science of the animal.  If your Animal Spirit Guide is mythological (it does happen), then research the mythology and symbolism behind the creature.  You can also meditate and ask your Animal Spirit Guide what gift or lesson he or she has to share with you.  With research and meditation, you will understand the message your Guide is trying to share with you.

Animals speak!