Monday, January 14, 2013

I'm a Reiki Practitioner . . . NOT a Physician!

Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos:  the trees, the clouds, everything.  Thich Nhat Hanh.

When someone is initiated into the world of Reiki, the new awareness of ever-present subtle energies can sometimes awaken something deep within the Practitioner.  There may be an increase in sensitivity to the ebb and flow of the biofield commonly known as the aura.  Some Practitioners have even noted that they are able to "see" the colors of the aura with the mind's eye psychically.

Often during a Reiki treatment, the Practitioner will get a sensation of blockages in the flow of life force energy (ki/chi/prana) of the patient.  These sensations may feel like hot and cool spots, increased tingling in the hands of the Practitioner (or lack thereof), or just an intuitive "inner knowing".  Many Practitioners worldwide have reportedly received intuitive impressions of emotional, spiritual and even physical illness.

Please be aware that although some Reiki Practitioners may receive occasional energetic insight with regard to your biofield, it is not customary to share this information with the client, nor is it part of traditional Reiki training to offer psychic readings as part of a Reiki Session.  Always remember that Reiki does not diagnose nor does it prescribe, and neither should your Reiki Practitioner.

What Should You Look for in a Reiki Practitioner?

When looking for a Reiki Practitioner, you should investigate their training.  If you are comfortable with their training, consider meeting them before scheduling a session.  Trust your instincts.  If you are comfortable after meeting them, then schedule your appointment.

Be aware at your first appointment that a Reiki Practitioner should never ask you to undress.  And depending upon local laws, your Reiki Practitioner may actually give you an opportunity to choose "hands-on" or "hands-off" methods.  Both hands on and no touch methods are part of traditional Reiki, and both methods are equally effective.

Remember that if your Reiki Practitioner offers you a "diagnosis" beyond the scope of an "energy blockage", you should consider finding another Practitioner.  Reiki does not diagnose nor does it prescribe.

A Reiki Practitioner is not trained to be a Medical Intuitive.

There is a field of Energy Work, where someone who is psychic can become a Certified Medical Intuitive.   I know that there are some very accurate Medical Intuitive out there, and some are even employed in hospitals.  But they also represent themselves as such, and information regarding their training and experience is readily available.

A Medical Intuitive usually works with a qualified licensed health professional, and not the patient except when receiving psychic input.  It takes a great deal of training and proof to become a Medical Intuitive, and it can be a highly respected career choice for someone who is highly accurate intuitively.  I would imagine that a Certified Medical Intuitive is not in the "business" of practicing without the supervision of a Licensed Physician.

Is it ethical for a Reiki Practitioner to say, "Perhaps you should see a Physician"?

Would this invoke fear in the patient?  More often than not, I would say "yes". So what does a Practitioner say or do when their intuition senses a major medical illness?  Say nothing?

Absolutely my answer is, "Yes, say nothing . . . diagnose nothing."  

A Reiki Practitioner is a vessel only for Universal Life Force Energy (prana/chi).  We are there to facilitate the connection between the universal energies and the patient, and nothing more.  We are trained to be facilitators for the flow of life-force energy (prana).

We are taught ethical practices in Reiki, and maintaining the integrity of the Reiki tradition is imperative.  For Reiki Master/Teachers we are also trained to teach others the art of Reiki, and that includes ethical behavior.

What is an "Energy Blockage"?

So how should you as a client interpret it when your Reiki Practitioner says you have an "energy blockage"?  Although a block in the flow of prana is believed by many to eventually manifest itself in the form of illness, it is also thought to manifest itself in your aura first.  So don't panic!  It could be only an energetic blockage.

Consider the following example:

You have been in a long-term relationship with someone who has recently broken it off.  You become anxious or depressed from your recent loss.  This "heartbreak" could present itself as a blockage in your heart chakra.

If the "ex" was providing your food, clothing or shelter, suddenly you have to find a new place to live.  The "insecurity" that comes along with being "uprooted" could manifest itself in your root chakra.

If you never really spoke your mind about tensions in the relationship, it could show up as a blockage in your throat chakra.  Does it mean you are going to have a heart attack, a low back ache, or a sore throat?  It is thought by many to be possible.

You should maintain a professional relationship with a qualified health care provider to monitor your physical, mental and emotional health. Be proactive in your overall health and follow the advice of your physician. If you have physical symptoms, or if you are having emotional difficulties (as in the example above), seek medical attention. A Reiki Practitioner is not trained to diagnose or treat medical and/or emotional illness.

The Reiki Practitioner is there to "kick-start" the flow of chi, by being a vessel through which universal energies can flow to you.  If you have physical symptoms, you should always seek proper medical attention.  Reiki by nature is a "spiritual" practice and although instantaneous physical healing has been reported, Reiki is not a "cure-all".  Rather, Reiki works to balance your energy for overall well-being.

A Reiki Practitioner is a "Facilitator" of Reiki Energy.

Beware of Reiki Practitioners who promise immediate physical healing results.  In the world of Reiki, universal life-force energy is taught as "intelligent", and it flows where it is needed.  The Reiki Practitioner is trained to be a "vessel" for "chi" and cannot "control" it . . . it just goes, and often it flows where the recipient wants it to go.  Also, If you come across a Reiki Practitioner who gives you a physical "diagnosis" when you visit them, you might want to consider a different Practitioner.

I'm not saying that a Reiki Practitioner cannot be accurate in their intuitive impressions, but what I AM saying is that it is not ethical for a Biofield (EnergyWork) Practitioner of any kind to diagnose a medical condition any more than it is ethical for a Physician to do a Dentist's job.

Reiki is EnergyWork, and not a means of diagnosing illness.  If you would like an intuitive medical diagnosis, seek out a proven accurate Certified Medical Intuitive by referral through your Physician.  You must be pro-active in your medical care! If you are seeking a complementary healing modality to energetically assist you during a medical illness or for overall balance and well-being . . . that's what Reiki is for.

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