Wednesday, November 7, 2012

From Right- to Left-Brained

On Sunday, I attended my Reiki II class at a local spiritual center. I signed up for it a few months ago, after taking Reiki I. It was wonderful and as always, Reiki did not fail to surprise me! I had the most unusual experience! I have a feeling most of my Reiki stories are going to start out that way!

Anyway, shortly after the initiation into Reiki II, we moved to the practice portion of the class. We had learned how to “power up” with symbols and were ready to put them into action. We divided up into two practice groups. My group consisted of classmates from my original Reiki I class. There was also one gentleman from the second Reiki I class I recently attended just for reinforcement, and to offer support and assistance to my wonderful Master/Teacher.

I noticed that I could sense the duality in each of the classmates we practiced on. This was something I had not experienced before. “Jacob” was lying on the table and we were gathered around him as open vessels, working through our hand placements and the new knowledge we had been blessed with. One of the students was working on his head, two were working in unison down each side of his body, and I was at his feet. I placed my hands around his ankles, and immediately I could feel a greater amount of energy surging from my left hand into the right side of his body than what was coming out of my right hand.

Our class is very unique . . . quite a gifted group of healers! We have a very close bond, and our communication is open and honest, even during the treatment portion of class. It was this way in the first class, and so it was in the second class between “Jacob” and many other classmates from the second Reiki I group. We all have an understanding that we can say whatever comes to mind and receive positive feedback from the other group members. I spoke up and commented on the amount of energy flowing into his right side. I was amazed that I noticed a difference. My supportive classmates immediately spoke up and confirmed that this side was his weaker side, and also the side where he had physical symptoms. I knew “Jacob” had physical symptoms, but I was not aware which side his difficulty had manifested itself.

When it came my turn to be on the table, we discussed what sort of trouble I was having. I have always had trouble staying “grounded” and present in the moment. My mind tends to wander, and I lose sight of my present surroundings. When “Greta”, a particularly gifted healer, placed her hands on my feet, I felt the Reiki energy go to work. She stayed on my feet and legs the entire time. She felt a “coldness” and lack of energy flow from my knees to my ankles. She worked with the symbols to “boost” the Reiki flow, and my legs physically went from cold to hot. The energy block was successfully broken and for the first time in a very long time, I was grounded.

Fire And Ice Elementals - Impasto Abstract © 2016

When class was over, I felt strangely wonderful. I commented to my classmates that I felt so balanced, I somehow felt “out of balance”. Being balanced was foreign territory, and when I walked I almost felt like I was physically leaning toward my right side. Yet I was standing straight and tall! Being grounded was also a new feeling for me, and why I noticed I felt so different. I was aware and present in my body for the first time in years!

The biggest shock came when I returned home. I walked to the refrigerator to get something to drink, and up popped my right hand to reach for the refrigerator door. I walked over to the cabinet to get a glass, and my right arm opened the cabinet! I sat my glass on the counter and my right hand grasped the pitcher and poured the tea! I didn’t spill a drop! I returned the pitcher to the refrigerator and sat down on the couch, contemplating what had just happened. I have always been so entirely left-handed, that I have cracked jokes over the years about my right hand hanging around “just for looks”, and being completely useless otherwise!

It has been three days since my Reiki II class. I finally got up enough nerve to pick up my guitar today. I bought it about ten years ago, maybe longer. I tried in the past to play, but I just couldn’t do it . . . no matter how hard I tried, my right hand just didn’t want to strum! Since my Reiki I class in August of this year, I have picked it up some and tried to learn. I am in a wonderfully musical environment; and I am surrounded by people who love me and encourage anything I want to try. They have tried to give me lessons, and practice with me. But no matter how hard I tried, my right hand just didn’t want to hold a guitar pick, nor did it want to go through the strumming motion required to play the strings! Oh, sure my left hand was getting the chords down pretty well, except for the painful fingertips and newly formed calluses! But strumming was a completely different story!

Today I picked up my Seagull Grand parlor guitar and held it in anticipation that my right hand was indeed going to function as it has since Sunday. Well, it did just that! I strummed the strings, pick in hand, and was even able to play the picking pattern for “Dust in the Wind”. Of course, I am a far cry from Carlos Santana (bwahaha), but WOW! Reiki never ceases to amaze me!

I don’t know which part is more shocking . . . the fact that my right hand is actively participating in my life, or the fact that I noticed! I feel like an infant who just found out she has fingers for the first time! What a beautiful surprise to find out at the age of forty-one that my right hand isn’t completely useless after all!