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Archangel Meditation to Cut Ties With Your Past

When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.  Ralph Ellison.
Many individuals have a painful past filled with hurt or disappointment.  We tend to hold on to that pain and for whatever reason we have difficulty "moving on".  Many of us cannot move past that which has brought us pain.  It may be due to lack of forgiveness, and often times we find that forgiving is not the same as forgetting.

This is particularly true for abuse survivors.  And in many ways, they still remain victims.  They re-live the trauma often weekly, sometimes daily, and almost always nightly in their dreams.  Many "outsiders" wonder why they just can't move on.

Why do survivors still live in constant fear even when the threat is gone?  Perhaps they just have not made a conscious effort or set their intention to "cut ties" with the past. Could it really be that simple?  Is there a way to take a step toward the direction of healing?

The truth is, there is no magical or instantaneous cure for past hurts.  We can not simply make a vanishing cream to make it all disappear.  But we can be proactive in the healing process.  We can make ourselves a promise to do whatever it takes to let go and love others and ourselves . . . and follow through!

There is a simple "ritual" or meditation to cut the ties with the ones in your past who've hurt you.  It works with the idea that when we get close to someone, we "connect" with them.  Not just figuratively, we LITERALLY connect with them on a spiritual level.  We are bonded with them on an energetic level and the energy exchange "pulls at our heart-strings" so to speak until we (or they) let go.

The invisible rope is called an ethereal cord, and these cords connect us with those whom we allow into our personal or intimate space.  We don't do it consciously, and although some may feel it intuitively, many individuals are completely unaware of this intimate energetic connection.

To perform this cord-cutting meditation you must ask from a place of love and not out of anger, bitterness or resentment.  This can be a hard thing to do when we have been hurt.  If you have not done so, confirm verbally to the universe that you forgive the individual(s) and release yourself from the grip of your past.  There is no need to name the individuals or events.  This is an exercise in letting go, not re-living!

Begin your meditation by proclaiming your intention for the highest good.  Your intention should be not only to set yourself free, but to set the other individual(s) free as well.  Verbally speak from the heart your own version of the prayer below:

I ask Archangel Michael (the Protector) to cut all unhealthy energetic cords for me:

  • all the ones that are keeping me tied to the negative parts of my past
  • all the ones that are draining me and keeping me there
  • all the ones that are keeping me from moving on
I ask that I am guided and protected as I form boundaries for healthy, loving relationships from this moment forward.
Include any specific or extra areas you are intuitively guided to address.  Trust the process and understand that you are being released from the bondage of past hurts.  Healthy, loving relational connections will be left intact and connected.

When performing this meditation, be aware of the various emotions or sensations you may experience:

  • Strange or unusual physical sensations such as tugging or pulling
  • Waves of feelings or strong emotions such as sadness and joy
  • Awareness of energetic shifts or feeling lighter
  • Flashes of memories as they are released

Do not be surprised if you experience a flash of memories. You may experience images in your mind of people from the past, people who have hurt you over the years.  Do not be surprised by the image "line-up" even if it includes not only the those who've hurt you but others as well!  Let them go, and allow loving and healthy connections to be re-established with personal boundaries in place.

I have heard stories from friends who have performed this ritual about their own personal experiences.  One particular story stood out to me.  This individual described a particularly gnawing twitch right in the center of her back.  The first thing I though of was the phrase, "stabbed in the back," like when you have been betrayed.  The sensation passed, as the meditation was completed.

Remember:   During your meditation, simply trust the process.  Afterward, express gratitude for the ability to let go and set healthy boundaries.  As you move forward, remain aware that you are no longer "tied" to your past.  Be aware that you only participate in healthy relationships.  Feel your freedom! 


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