Saturday, September 22, 2012

Reiki and Christianity (Part 4 - Conclusion)

Do They Conflict?

Many people have asked if Christians can practice or receive Reiki treatments. Reiki is not a religious practice, and therefore does not conflict with any religious belief system.

If the word “Reiki” is not in the Bible, should Christians practice Reiki or receive Reiki treatments?

It is true that the word “Reiki” is not in the Bible.  “Reiki” is the Japanese word that Dr. Usui used to name the form of healing therapy he discovered.  “Reiki” is made up of two words:  “Rei” and “ki”. “Rei” is literally translated “Divine” and “ki” is literally translated “energy of life”.  God created the energy of the Universe . . . He created everything!  My viewpoint is this:  just because “Reiki” as a word is not in the Bible (the Bible was originally written in Hebrew and Greek, not Japanese) does not mean that the truth behind it isn’t in there.

The word “Rapture” is a word that is not found in the Bible either, yet this word is taught in most Christian churches on a regular basis as doctrinal fact.  On the other hand, the word “meditation” is a word found in the Bible, yet many churches teach against it.  If used correctly, meditation (on God) can bring a great deal of peace in times of trouble.  Meditation is also recommended in the medical field to aid those who suffer from anxiety and PTSD.

What about Yoga and other physical fitness activities?  They promote the physical well-being of the body, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit for Christians.  Is everyone who participates in these activities under demonic influence?  No.  The main thing to remember is intent of purpose.


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Are you meditating to have a closer relationship with God?  Are you practicing Yoga to improve your flexibility?  Are you taking herbal supplements to improve your health?  Or are you practicing these wonderful activities as a form of worship to “false god” or as a member of a “cult”?  Intent of purpose is important.

Because “Reiki” is not stated in the Bible, and because it originated from a Buddhist, some fear that to practice or receive Reiki is an abomination unto God, and would therefore be forbidden.  This is similar to the previous example I gave about Chiropractic care, or becoming a Chiropractor.

Consider the following additional examples:  it is also forbidden to use “drugs”, or the Greek word “pharmakeia”, in God’s Word, yet people go to doctors every day for this purpose.  Does that make it wrong?  No, because God’s Word is forbidding the use of drugs in sorcery.

I personally look for alternative treatments, such as herbal treatments, instead of the chemicals that physicians prescribe.  Herbs are sometimes associated with earth-based spirituality, does that make those who visit herbal and health food stores pagan?  I think not!  My personal stance on this is, God created the plant and gave mankind the knowledge of its medicinal use . . . therefore if a God-created plant can be used to treat an ailment such as frankincense for rheumatoid arthritis, then it should be done.  Does that make it an abomination?  No . . . wouldn’t it be a worthy alternative to a lab-created pharmaceutical that might be recalled in a few years for adverse side effects?

What about chemotherapy/other cancer treatments, MRI’s, CT scans and x-rays, surgeons, dentists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, psychiatrists, counselors, physical and massage therapists, Quantum Touch Therapy, color and sound therapy?  These are all medical advancements that have been made since the time of Christ, and therefore not included in the Bible.  Were the founders of these advancements all Christians?  If not, then should a Christian question the religious background of the founder of these diagnostic or treatment techniques before participating?

Where does the knowledge come from for medical advancement in treatment of the body and mind?  Does it all come from satan?  I would think not. God creates us as individuals; some are very gifted, creative and intelligent.  Mankind is created in God’s image . . . it is no surprise that may people throughout the ages have been born on this earth and made beautiful contributions to assist society, not only in medicine but also in architecture, technology, philanthropy, and the art forms.

Just as there are many out there who are suffering and benefit from the many medical advancements that have been made throughout the years, there are many out there who are suffering and could benefit from Reiki.  They are hesitant because of the misconceptions about what Reiki is and what Reiki is not.  It is my goal to help others with similar concerns, to understand that Reiki is acceptable for Christians as a complementary form of healing therapy.  I too had these concerns. After a great deal of study and prayer, I believe Reiki is acceptable for Christians as well as non-Christians.  I stand on this truth.