Saturday, September 15, 2012

Reiki and Christianity (Part 3)

Do They Conflict?

Many people have questions about the religious affiliation of Reiki's founder, Dr. Mikao Usui.  I will address these concerns in today's post.

Wasn’t the founder of Reiki a Buddhist?

As a Master/Teacher and student of Reiki, I understand the history of its founder, therefore I realize that Dr. Usui was originally a Buddhist monk, but research will show that he did respect the teachings of Christianity.  In order to understand Reiki, one needs to understand that Reiki is not taught as a “Buddhist” belief . . . nor is Reiki associated with any other religious belief.  It is taught as a type of oriental (alternative) medicine.


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The one thing about this particular point I do not understand is that most people do not express concern about other medical discoveries, and the religious affiliation of those who discovered them.  For example, the founder of chiropractic care, Daniel David Palmer, was a Spiritualist.  Many Christians go to chiropractors, and I wonder if they give any thought to the religious preference of the founder.  I wonder if they accuse their Chiropractor of being a “satanist” or of being “deceived”.  I have been to a Chiropractor myself, and it never occurred to me to ask him why he practices a “Spiritualist-founded” form of alternative medicine!  Does that mean a Christian cannot be a Chiropractor or seek out chiropractic care?  No.  The point is, it works . . . regardless of who founded it . . . and many people from many different cultural and religious backgrounds benefit from chiropractic care.

Being a Reiki Practitioner is no more a “religion” than being a Physician, a Psychiatrist, Chiropractor or a Store Clerk is a ”religion”.  Therefore, I do not hide the fact that I am a Christian to be a Reiki Practitioner, nor do I hide the fact that I am a Reiki Practitioner to be “accepted” as a Christian.  Reiki Practitioners come from diverse religious backgrounds, just as Physicians, Psychiatrists, Chiropractors, and Store Clerks.  Reiki can be a career choice or a calling to help others, and for most Reiki Practitioners it is also a way of life.  Part of the Reiki Teaching is the daily practice of the Reiki Principles.  By incorporating the Principles in daily living, peace can be achieved.

The Reiki Principles are good words to live by, and are very similar to Biblical Teachings.