Saturday, September 8, 2012

Reiki and Christianity (Part 2)

Do They Conflict?

I have been challenged with many questions in the short time that I have been a Reiki Practitioner.  One such question is:

Is Reiki “Demonic”?

No.  Reiki can only be used for the well-being for others, and causes no harm.  Reiki uses God-breathed life-force energy from His creation (the universe).  The healing energy comes from the Creator, not from the Reiki Practitioner.  The Reiki Practitioner is simply a vessel through which this God-breathed energy flows through, in a “laying on of hands” or “hands-off” type of treatment.  Distance Reiki Treatments work through a process similar to meditation . . . focusing the God-breathed energy to the individual receiving the distance treatment.  There is no contact with demonic forces.  Reiki comes from a place of pure ("agape") love.

I have come across a YouTube video where a woman was speaking out against Reiki.  She claims the force behind Reiki is demonic.  I watched this video . . . and listened carefully as she told her story.  The woman in the video admits that she had dabbled in various “occult” practices before taking her first Reiki course.  She also admitted that spirits she later identified as “demons” told her a “better way” to do what she was doing.  She actually listened to them, and obeyed what they told her.


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She completely changed her methods and still called it “Reiki”.  This is NOT part of the original Reiki teaching, nor is it part of Reiki Therapy.  What this woman was doing was not “Reiki” at all.  It is misinformation like this out there on the Internet that causes great misunderstanding as to what Reiki Therapy actually is.  Reiki has nothing to do with any religion, nor is it “occult” in nature.  I do not know who or what the woman in the video was communicating with, but it is not Reiki.

Although Reiki Therapy is not associated with any specific religion, as a Christian, I incorporate silent prayer into Reiki practice, and I ask God to heal according to His purpose.

Can Satan “pretend” to do something good, such as healing people?

In God’s Word, it states that satan can disguise himself as a “being of light”.  I would imagine this is what the woman in the video was talking about when she started listening to the beings that were telling her to change what she was doing into something other than Reiki.  She admitted she was told that the method the “beings” were teaching her was a “better way”.  She had already invited satan to use her by her involvement in occult practices, and was misrepresenting her actions by continuing to call it “Reiki”.  She simply changed the simplicity of Reiki practice, and involved herself in occult practices.

As for satan being able to heal people, I do not believe this is possible . . . deception is possible, but a true and lasting healing . . . no . . . healing comes from God.  If someone is healed through Reiki, or any other form of treatment, whether alternative or traditional medicine, it is because God used that method of treatment to heal them.

In Psalm 103:3, we see that it is God ". . . who heals all your diseases.”

In Exodus 15:26, God states, “. . . I am the Lord that heals you.”

All healing comes from God . . . it's that simple.