Saturday, September 1, 2012

Reiki and Christianity (Part 1)

Do They Conflict?

I was a Christian many years before I came across Reiki.  I discovered Reiki in my search for healing.  I needed healing because I am a survivor of various forms of abuse . . . you name it, I have been through it.  I also have congenital scoliosis, and I was told at age 34 that I would not be walking in five years.  Within three years, I was walking on a cane some days.  A year after that I needed the cane almost every day.

Many years ago, I received my calling to help others like me to heal.  Like most, I ignored it for a season.  The one thing I could not understand was how I was supposed to help others, when I was so isolated from people that I had not driven a car in three years, and had not been out in the sun in six!  I questioned whether or not helping others was what I am really supposed to do.

I was in a relationship at that time where everything I did on the internet was monitored via keystroke recorder; even the books, television shows and music I listened to was restricted.  I had to believe what he believed about God, regardless of what the Holy Spirit had taught me . . . regardless of the inaccuracy of his sources.  I was told that God does not answer people in prayer, and that God does not use people as instruments to bring comfort and healing to others anymore.  This is simply not true!

I walked away from this situation with a worse case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder than I had originally been diagnosed with in 1998.  Back then I was still able to function in society, but by the time he was done with me, functioning in society seemed to be impossible.  I was afraid to drive, because it had been so long and I would panic and get lost within my hometown!  I could not remember what I did all day by the time evening came.  I had nightmares regularly.  I was afraid to be around people.  He had isolated me from my friends to the point that I had none, and had also isolated me from my family. I had no support system whatsoever.  I also feared God would judge me and refuse to forgive me for leaving because of the false information he fed me about what God forgives and what God does not forgive.

Because of the abuse I had suffered since I was a child, and the situation I had just come out of, I was in desperate need of healing.  He had prohibited me from seeking much needed medical and dental care for five years . . . my medical care stopped once I got my “wheelchair” prognosis.  During that time I researched alternative methods of healing.  In my search I discovered that there are a lot of herbal treatments out there for various medical conditions, and a lot of awesome complementary healing modalities too . . . including Reiki.

In my research I found that, not only has Reiki been integrated into the medical field and used as a complementary treatment for various medical conditions, Reiki is beneficial for treating and releasing past traumas from abuse.  Reiki has been used successfully to treat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as well.  I have only recently discovered that Reiki has been used to bring some relief from the side-effects of scoliosis.  Thank you to my fellow Reiki Practitioners for this wonderful news!

I also studied the Bible, took a few seminary classes (with him), and prayed over whether or not Reiki was acceptable for a Christian to learn and practice.  I came to the conclusion that the two do not conflict, as Reiki is not a religious practice; it is universal and beneficial for all.  During this time, I was fighting my calling to help others who have also suffered from abuse and/or PTSD, and I was prohibited from answering that calling.  I had repeatedly expressed my concern for the situation, asked for the situation to change, but it did not.  I had to stand up for myself, finally, and leave my situation . . . so I did just that!

After allowing myself time to breathe, time for seeking medical advice for the physical issues I have, and time to just enjoy my new-found freedom, I started “digging in” and working toward my calling.  I enrolled in Usui Reiki I, and I am working toward Reiki Master/Teacher.  I am blogging about the details of my story and my journey to wholeness.  I have also started writing an autobiography.

I understand that there is a lot of “negative press” out there regarding Reiki and Christianity.  It is sad, because I am a Christian myself (though I am more "Esoteric" I suppose), and I cannot understand for the life of me why it is so difficult to see that Reiki is a gift from God, as are all good things.

I would like to address some questions I had myself regarding Reiki, and answer some of the questions that other Christians might have.  Please understand that Reiki is new to the area in which I live.  I live in what is often referred to as “The Bible Belt”. It is a wonderful place to live . . . but it is filled with “Fundamentalist” type churches that are “old-fashioned” in their beliefs.  Many will reject the idea of Reiki, and it is my hope that the ones in this area who are suffering will see the great benefit of Reiki practice.

Although Reiki has been around for decades now, it is still a fairly new concept.  To me, it is no different than herbal therapy, physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, or any other type of complementary medicine . . . except for one fact . . . Reiki is often misunderstood.

Some of the questions I have been asked, or wondered myself are as follows:

  • Is Reiki “demonic”?
  • Can satan “pretend” to do something good, such as healing people?
  • Wasn’t the founder of Reiki a Buddhist?
  • If the word “Reiki” is not in the Bible, should Christians practice Reiki or receive Reiki treatments?

I will be addressing each of these questions in continuing posts.

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