Friday, August 24, 2012

The Love of the Whippoorwill

I heard the song of two whippoorwill early this morning.

One called out to the left of me and the other answered from my right. Their conversation circled around my head in a whirlwind of melody before the silence came.  My heart felt the loneliness of the winged caller when the echo to my right failed to respond.

I sat outside contemplating the meaning in the sadness as the bird to my left continued his devoted song with no response.  As I sat in solitude, I heard the second bird responding once again.  But this time the location had changed, and hope returned to both the caller and to me.

The calling bird continued to sing from my left and the second bird could be heard straightway in front of me!  She was making her way to her caller while singing her name and the name of her love within the anthem of her call!  There is such a gentle sweetness in the way GOD made nature so beautiful!

It is amazing how two songbirds can find one another just by having a conversation!

I haven't heard the call of a whippoorwill since I was a teenager . . .

Feel the Call of the Whippoorwill,

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